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A big ocean to clean

We think that great things often start with small actions. From this honest and discreet point of view, we have been building little by little the MUCHA TELA Project.
As fabric editors, in Les Créations de la Maison we are committed to design unique textiles and create delicate textures for the home decor market. And even though we are not responsible for the fabric manufacture and the fact that we mainly work with natural fibres, we have decided to take action and participate in the planet preservation, and in particular the sea.

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We believe brands must be involved in social or environmental actions. Help reduce the waste of our coasts is a way to compensate the planet for the amount of garbage generated by the human being.

Most see the cleanliness of the ocean as an impossible cause thanks to the magnitude of the quest. We see it as a unique opportunity to be part of a bigger cause and a project which will need everyone’s total cooperation. As Gastón (from ECOMAR Foundation) has told us: “lets roll up our sleeves and get down to work because there is a lot of garbage to clean on our coasts and oceans.

STARTING POINT The Cantabria coast

Les Créations de la Maison belongs to the family company Grupo Lamadrid and this is based in Barcelona. Even so, there is a strong emotional attachment between the company and the Cantabria area, specifically to Comillas. Historically, Lamadrid family used to spend their summer holidays together in this region with their other relatives, the Güell. So, when the moment to settle where to start the MUCHA TELA Project arrived, there was no doubts. We have decided to inaugurate this cleaning project at the coasts and beaches of Santander, precisely in El Puntal. This marvellous peninsula in the middle of the Santander Bay and close to Somo, is located next to the Mireia estuary and it is an outstanding natural beauty.



For a long time, we, at Les Créations de la Maison, felt the need to get involved, fulfilling our social duty. The nature always was strongly present in our way of thinking as a brand, it is a constant concern that our slogan, “The living Nature“, makes evident. Therefore, there was no doubt we needed to engage in a social mission through the world’s oceans, coasts and natural spaces. Believing that every small step in the right direction counts, we have decided to initiate our path with the MUCHA TELA Project by Les Créations de la Maison.


A reliable partner

We are not alone. We are very aware that we need strong and solid allies to support us in this plastic clean-up project. We have tried to work side by side with the best companies in the field and we have made an effort to build relationships of trust with all of them.

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Therefore, it is with confidence that we put ourselves in the hands of ECOMAR Foundation, an organization with many years of expertise in the ground. ECOMAR is currently managed by Teresa Zabell, and their main goal is to raise awareness among the youngest population, guiding them to care and to respect our seas and oceans as well as the marine wildlife.

ECOMAR and their full support is a key element for the project success. The coastal cleaning day has already been assigned, July 17. In order to guarantee that everything goes as planned and to optimize the cleaning results in the Santander Coast, we also have the additional effort of 50 young people (100 extra hands) and some boats.

Transforming plastic into fabric

We see our ultimate cause as clear as day and thankfully we can count with the right partners in this quest. Just one detail was missing: how to recycle those pounds and pounds of plastic garbage into something useful and consequently to close the circle of this social project?

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ECOALF is the answer to the question, because as they use to say, “there is no planet B”.

For us it was crucial to take the plastic recycling process a step further and to make sure all garbage and waste ends up having a useful purpose. The Spanish company of recycled fabrics from plastics counts with the B Corp TM certification. One more reason why we truly believe that ECOALF is the right partner on this path.

Therefore, we are going to convert our garbage into huge bags made with recycled fabric aiming to raise awareness and to make people recognize that we are ALL part of the problem but also part of the solution.



For a huge garbage problem

Raise awareness about the huge present plastic consumption and promote the planet and ocean preservation it is the last stage of the MUCHA TELA Project. That is why we have created a beautiful and large bag. It is extremely comfortable, inviting those who take this issue seriously to collect garbage and plastics wherever they are.

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This tote bag is made with recycled fabric from ECOALF in “ocean blue” colour, and with ecru handles in organic cotton from Les Créations de la Maison. Thanks to its weight and shape it can be perfectly folded and kept inside any handbag, becoming a valuable ingredient to avoid the unnecessary consumption of plastic bags in shopping establishments

The bag will be sent by mail to all those who have a recognized conscience about the matter and take an active participation on the maintenance of the planet, making sure the bag will be used with one primary purpose: reduce the plastics consumption in general and raise awareness about waste and garbage on coasts and beaches.


This waste collection project starts on July 17, in Santander, but our work does not end there!

With the aim of raising awareness, especially during the summer, about the plastic consumption, we intend to massively ship our MUCHA TELA Project bags made from recycled plastics, to others that care about the cause. We do understand that garbage collection in maritime natural spaces is a battle we must fight together. More than 50 people (children and adults) worked together at the first expedition, cleaning all kinds of garbage from the Cantabrian coast, and along the shores of the Santander beach (El Puntal). Of course we are also part of the cleaning team. If you wish to have more information about the project do not hesitate to tell us through social networks, where we will always keep you updated about the cleaning expeditions.